Our Childbirth Class is packed with skill based learning, hand's on practice, and knowledge presented in the following areas:


  • Techniques to relax, breathe and distract yourself (or do all three simultaneously) to get some relief

  • Various labor positions that can help your baby line up with your pelvis and speed your labor and relieve pain

  • Pain relief options, including how and when and how to request them should you decide you need them

  • The stages of a normal labor and delivery

  • Possible delivery complications and how they might be handled

  • Basics to care for your newborn baby, including your baby’s anatomy and physiology, postpartum care, basic care and breastfeeding

  • Birth planning and assistance, including birth plans and information about where you can give birth (hospital births versus delivering in a birthing center or at home)

  • Other medical interventions that may be used, such as a C-section or induction

  • Hands-on instruction in alternative approaches to pain relief, including breathing and relaxation techniques

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your registration outlining all details.  If you are making a house appointment I will be directly contacting you within 24 hours to setup your class.